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Shot and a Beer: 16oz can of Rainier and a shot of Bulleit or Bulleit Rye – $11 (No substitutions, this is the deal. Take it or leave it.)

Seasonal and House Cocktails

Spring calls for margaritas!
Spicy Mango Marg: Tequila, Combier, Mango, House Sour Mix, Fresh Jalapeno and a Tajin rim – $13
Pineapple Marg: Casadores Reposado, Combier, pineapple, lime, and a cinnamon sugar rim – $13
Agave Cadillac Margarita – La Gritona, Grand Marnier, Agave Nectar, Lime and a salt rim – $14

Sparkling Ginger Lemonade: Vodka, lemon, sweet ginger and soda water for bubbles – $12

Rum Sour: Captain Morgan Rum, lemon, and pineapple topped with a bourbon soaked Amarena cherry – $12

Brown Derby: Buffalo Trace, fresh squeezed grapefruit and honey simple – $13

The Elder: Gin, St. Germain, lemon, and simple syrup, Sugar rim – $13

Screw the Pooch: Our signature cocktail, Vodka, Fresh-squeezed Grapefruit & Orange, St. Germain -$13

The Caroline Sour: Templeton Rye, lemon, simple syrup, red wine float -$13

Oaxacan Old Fashioned: Banhez mezcal, Cazadores Reposado, walnut bitters, simple syrup, vermouth, orange -$13

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